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TGB Corner Summerhouse Georgian



Standard Features:

Fully glazed Georgian double doors with antique hinges, ornate handle and lever lock.
2 Georgian top hung opening side windows.
Door drip

Sizes from: 1.83m x 1.83m (6 x 6 ft) to 2.44m x 2.44m (8 x 8 ft)

Eaves ht. : 76″ / 1942mm
Ridge ht.: 84″ / 2146mm
Double Doors : 1790 x 1103mm
Windows : 1040 x 717mm
Framing : 38 x 50mm
Cladding : 16mm x 125mm

Options Available:
20mm tanalised cladding
22mm premier cladding
19mm loglap cladding
22mm floor boards
Toughened glass
50 x 50mm framing
Felt options

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