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Alton Summerhouses

Alton Summerhouses have been traditionally designed to give a clean, modern and beautifully finished look. A real centrepiece for your garden, these summerhouses are based on the strong principles behind the Alton Cedar Greenhouses.

These Alton Summerhouses are fully manufactured in the Alton Staffordshire workshops, including the intricate Georgian windows. The design has been carefully considered to make self-assembly easier, with more joinery completed in their workshops to improve assembly on site. For example all the roof bars are tenoned at both ends, so that they connect easily to the eaves and to a bespoke galvanised roof boss.

If you are looking for a tranquil corner where you can relax, read a book, do your craft, or even do your office work, then what can be better than sitting amongst the birdsong with the sun streaming through the windows in your very own Alton Summerhouse. Perfect for summer BBQs and parties, with plenty of space inside to sit, eat, relax and enjoy. A great choice too if you want to enjoy your garden without the rain spoiling your fun.

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