8′4″ Wide Titan K800 Lean-to Elite Greenhouse

Unlimited Lengths from 6′5″

The Titan K800 Lean-to Elite Greenhouse is one of the strongest available on the market. Excellent standard features with a wide range of accessories.

Prices start from £1178.00.

Please call 01239 881295 for further details.


8′4″ Wide Titan K800 Lean-to Elite Greenhouse

Unlimited lengths from 6′5″

If strength is your primary factor when choosing a lean-to, then the Titan K800 Lean-to Elite Greenhouse is unsurpassable. The Core-Vect Technology offered in Elite’s Titan range of greenhouses guarantees a thicker framework and more aluminium content than most other products currently available.

With so many features included as standard, such as a generous double door opening with low threshold access, a 10 blade louvre, canopy seals, plus cantilevers on every bar, this Lean-to is an excellent choice. The standard double doors can also be situated on either the length or gable end of the Titan K800 Lean-to Elite Greenhouse.

Available as standard in alloy or a choice from nine subtle colours, together with a fantastic range of accessories, the Titan K800 Lean-to is a high definition greenhouse which is unique to the marketplace.

If your lean-to covers the entrance to a dwelling, you must have toughened safety glass throughout. If you have anything overhanging the ridge on a lean-to, please allow 1” (25mm) height clearance for the roof vent.

No base is required for the Titan K800 Lean-to as it is supplied with flat cills to enable fixing to any level, flat surface. However an integral aluminium base with drop doors giving low level threshold is available upon request.

Standard Features:

  • Diamond Shelf
  • Gutter
  • Single Lock
  • Door Handle
  • High Tensile Nuts & Bolts
  • Roof Vent
  • 5 Blade Louvre
  • Low Threshold
  • Core-Vect Technology

Glazing options:

  • 4mm Toughened Safety Glass
  • 6mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate

Powder Coated colours available:

  • Green
  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Brown
  • Terracotta
  • White
  • Olive
  • Berry
  • Stone

Recommended Accessories:

  • Bar Capping
  • Automatic Louvre
  • Rain Water Kit
  • Automatic Roof Vent
  • 5 Slat Diamond Staging
  • Water Barrel Slim

Packages are available for the Titan K800 Lean-to Elite Greenhouse.

For further details please telephone 01239 881295, complete the online form, or contact us on enquiries@penralltnursery.co.uk.