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Flowering now: April

The recent days of warm sunshine have brought many spring plants to life, with flowers beginning to bloom and colour everywhere. Enjoy this photographic selection of some of our beautiful plants that flower during April. Use this visual guide to help you choose plants to add colour to your garden during spring. 

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Cherry Blossom In March

10 things to do in the garden in March

March is the month that every gardener awaits patiently, with its longer, lighter days promising the beginning of the growing season. In one of the busiest months in the garden, the weather can also be a challenge, affecting new spring growth with surprising winds and frosts.

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Nagasaki Camellia

Camellia: our plant of the month

Camellia, one of our most popular winter and spring flowering shrubs, provides a welcome splash of colour to the garden at this time of the year. These woodland plants enjoy sheltered shaded positions in the garden, and are relatively easy to grow.

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