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6′3″ Wide Featured Dwarf Wall Elite Greenhouse

Unlimited Lengths from 4′5″

The Featured Dwarf Wall Elite Greenhouse is styled with part brickwork, glass and aluminium. An attractive traditional design with a professional finish.

Prices start from £519.00.

Please call 01239 881295 for further details.


6′3″ Wide Featured Dwarf Wall Elite Greenhouse

Unlimited lengths from 4′5″

The Featured Dwarf Wall Elite Greenhouse is a popular choice when the customer requires an eaves height of which part is brickwork and the remainder is glass and aluminium. The attractive, unique styling, often associated with a bygone era, is achieved from a combination of a traditional designed greenhouse and smart brickwork yet without the cost and maintenance associated with a period wooden building. The 6′ wide model comes with a single door, a low threshold and is only available with full sheet toughened safety glass which provides a neat and professional finish.

The bricks used should be a completely solid engineered brick with no holes and made to a good standard. Choose from a wide range of accessories such as bar capping, or cresting and finials to complete the look of this attractive greenhouse.

When constructing a wall please only build your brick base once you have an official base plan from Elite.

Standard Features:

  • Gutter
  • Single Lock
  • Door Handle
  • Low Threshold
  • Roof Vent
  • Cantilever

Glazing options:

  • Toughened Safety Glass

Powder Coated colours available:

  • Green
  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Brown
  • Terracotta
  • White
  • Olive
  • Berry
  • Stone

Recommended Accessories:

  • 5 Slat Diamond Staging
  • Bar Capping
  • Cresting and Finials
  • Elite Automatic Roof Vent Opener
  • Rain Water Kit
  • Louvre
  • 100 Litre Water Barrel
  • Fly Screen Net
  • 2 Slat Diamond Shelf

Packages are available for the Featured Dwarf Wall Elite Greenhouse.

For further details please telephone 01239 881295, complete the online form, or contact us on