Standard Features:
Georgian half glazed door with antique hinges complete with lever
locking handle
Side Georgian top opening 9 pane window is interchangeable
Squarebay window
Door Drip
Profiled Facias

Roof overhang 1′ or 300mm
Door 1790mm x 762mm
Windows 1040mm x 717mm
Square Bay window 686mm x 1035mm
Sizes from: 1.83m x 2.44m (6’x 8′) to 
3.66m x 3.66m (12′ x 12′)
Eaves ht. 73″ / 1864mm
Ridge ht. 8′ – 98″ / 2475mm
10′ – 101″ / 2570mm
12′ – 104″ / 2655mm
Cladding 16mm x 125mm

Options Available:
Bay window can have an opening window on the front of the bay
22mm premiere cladding
19mm Log lap cladding
22mm floor boards
Veranda 2’6″ or 4′
50mm x50 mm framing
Toughened Glass
Felt Options

Additional information